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Še ena predstavitev projekta LAKTIKA and LIFE for ACid Whey

Tokrat smo razvojna projekta s področja sirotke predstavili na konferenci CEFood 2022.

Diana Paveljšek presented the contents of the LAKTIKA and LIFE for Acid Whey projects at the 11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition with the subtitle "Food, technology and nutrition for healthy people in a healthy environment".

The presentation can be downloaded from the following link.

In both projects, several possibilities for the reuse of whey in high-value-added products were demonstrated. For example, whey has been successfully used to produce probiotic biomass and metabolites such as nisin, vitamin B12, or kefir grains. A pharmaceutical formulation with enteric-coated pellets containing lactoferrin has been developed. Separation of IgG and LPO by cation chromatography using monolith columns was first optimised in the laboratory and later on a pilot scale, while α-lactalbumin was isolated from the remaining fraction by selective precipitation. The use of the protein-rich fractions as food or feed supplements and the production of the starter for organic waste treatment were also tested. Whey fractions were successfully incorporated into cosmetic products. Finally, cascade approaches of the whey treatment were proposed in order to obtain high-added value products and to approach as much as possible the goal of zero waste. The results obtained form the basis for further development of new functional foods and dietary supplements based on whey.


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