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Presentation at the ISSS 2022 Symposium

The results of the LIFE for Acid Whey project in the field of preparative and analytical immunoglobulin G chromatography were presented at the 26thInternational Symposium on Separation Sciences & 26th International Symposium for High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography.

Jernej Oberčkal presented a poster with the title "Preparative and Analytical Chromatography of Immunoglobulin G from Whey Using Monolithic Protein G Affinity Columns and Stabilization of the isolates".
The poster presents the results of the successful isolation of very pure IgG from two types of whey with the CIMmultus™-r protein G-1chromatographic
Column. The addition of mannitol and sucrose or only acetate buffer protected milk IgG from aggregation, which is needed in preparing a formulation with active IgG.


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