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Presentation of results of the use of acid whey as a medium for the growth of probiotics and lactic acid bacteria at the conference BM2021

The new results of the work on the LIFE for Acid Whey project were presented at the 8th Beneficial Microbes Conference, which took place as a virtual event between 22 and 24 March 2021. The purpose of the BM2021 conference is to present innovations in the production and use of pre- and probiotics in human and animal health.

At the conference, we presented a poster entitled "Acid whey as a growth medium for probiotics and lactic acid bacteria". In the poster, we presented the results of our research showing that acid whey can also be a suitable growth medium for the cultivation of probiotics and lactic acid bacteria and the production of their metabolites such as nisin and vitamin B12. With this, we have shown a new possibility of further use of acid whey, which can reduce the waste generation in the dairy industry.


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