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Arhel, projektiranje in inženiring d.o.o.

Arhel is the coordinator of the project LIFE for Acid Whey and takes care of the establishment, planning, implementation, monitoring, supervision and timely completion of the work program.

Company Arhel, d. o. o., is engaged in the development, engineering and production of high-tech products. In recent years, we have directed our development into the design of technological solutions for reducing water pollution and soil remediation. The results of current development activities are two completed LIFE projects, LIFE Stop CyanoBloom and LIFE PhamDegrade. In the first project, we demonstrated a high-tech solution for the management of cyanobacteria in fresh water bodies, which enables their early detection and prevention of harmful blooms. In the second project, we demonstrated an electrochemical approach to the decomposition of persistent micro-pollutants from the water, such as the residues of pharmaceuticals, envisaged in the last stage of wastewater treatment. With the establishment of technological equipment, we are working as a project partner in the LIFE project ReSoil, which is the first supported project of the European financial mechanism LIFE, demonstrating the ex-situ remediation of soil..

Univerza v Ljubljani, Botehniška fakulteta, Inštitut za mlekarstvo in probiotike

Univerza v Ljubljani, Botehniška fakulteta, Inštitut za mlekarstvo in probiotike.

Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics (IML-PRO) is the central Slovenian research-educational institution in the field of dairy science and probiotics. IML-PRO operates in the frame of University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science. From the very beginning in 1961, the institute activities included research, education (Chair of Dairy Science) and development in the field of production, processing and quality control of milk and dairy products, and in the 1990s, dairy science was joined by the field of probiotics. In research, attention is primarily devoted to the study of lactic acid bacteria from various environments, with a stress on antimicrobial activity, mechanisms of probiotic activity and safety aspects, as well as to the role of diet, human milk and probiotics on intestinal microbiota in human beings and animals and health. Other relevant fields are the development of functional foods and dietary supplements, development of modern analytical methods, technological processes of fermented dairy products, and control of chemical, microbiological and sensory quality of milk and dairy products. The Laboratory of IML-PRO is a neutral laboratory that performs accredited (LP-062) and non-accredited tests for any clients by the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the applicable legislation. Laboratory collaborates with similar institutions in Slovenia and abroad. They cooperate with pharmaceutical and dairy industry, in the field of quality control of dairy and probiotic products and the development of new products.

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LIFE for Acid Whey

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