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Viva la Gaia - a new online store with circular economy concept products

The results of the development in upgrading whey within the LIFE for Acid Whey and LAKTIKA project are being implemented within the new Viva la Gaia brand.

We invite you to our new Viva la Gaia online store. For a start, we introduced the personal care product collection "My Whey", based on fermented whey. These are hypoallergenic products, completely without added dyes and aromas.

We hope that soon we will be able to upgrade the offer with new products containing high-value bioactive ingredients obtained from interesting natural sources, such as whey and various plant materials.

You can also find some other exciting foods and cosmetics in the Viva la Gaia store's offer:
"Yummy!" gluten-free millet pasta with added fibre;
"Spice it up!" unrefined sugars;
"Yummy!" Gofio - flour of toasted whole grains of oats and corn to prepare excellent dishes without cooking;
"Spice it up!" unrefined salts;
"Tummy Goodie!" soluble and insoluble fibre as an addition to home-prepared meals;
"Knock Knock!" solid cosmetics made without water, fantastic for travel and at home for everyone who cares about the environment.

We have prepared a wide range of recipes for ideas on using the products.

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