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lactoferrin purity

The lactoferrin purchased online may only be a pink powder

The quality of lactoferrin we ordered from the largest online stores turned out to be inadequate.

The demand for lactoferrin, a whey protein with many physiological functions, is increasing. The demand is followed by an increase in supply, especially in online stores. The lactoferrin produced during the test production at Arhel was compared to the Sigma standard and two products purchased from one of the largest online stores. An analysis performed using IE-HPLC (high-resolution ion-exchange liquid chromatography) showed that lactoferrin was only present in a minimal fraction of less than 2% in the purchased samples.
Due to antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anticancer and other properties, lactoferrin is being used in the food and cosmetics industries (i.e. food supplements, milk formulas, oral care products) as well as in clinical diagnostics and human and veterinary medicines. In cow's milk, the concentration of lactoferrin is only about 150 mg/L, and its production is a high-tech process. Therefore, before purchasing and using the low-cost product accessible from online stores for your use, it is necessary to make sure of its quality.


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