lactoferrin iron binding capacity

Lactoferrin obtained in the framework of the LIFE for Acid Whey project exhibits the highest level of iron binding capacity

In Arhel, we are very proud of the excellent results of lactoferrin activity obtained from whey within the LIFE for Acid Whey project. In comparing the analysis with other commercially available lactoferrins and the standard, our lactoferrin exhibits the highest iron binding capacity or very low saturation with iron.

Lactoferrin is a protein represented in high concentrations in breast milk and is formed and excreted by other cells of our body. Among other beneficial properties, lactoferrin plays an extremely important role in the immune defence of our body. In this case, its high iron binding capacity is of utmost importance. By locally binding the iron, it prevents bacteria binding to the surface of the tissues and thus their proliferation.

In spite the fact that iron is an extremely important mineral for our body, free iron acts as a catalyst in the formation of hydroxyl radicals, which are among the most active free radicals. By binding free iron, lactoferrin prevents the formation of free radicals. Regardless of the amount of lactoferrin saturation with iron, lactoferrin has an important regulatory role in the transport of iron into cells, the transfer of iron between the cellular organelles and the elimination of excesses iron from cells.

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